The Climate Agreement Helsingborg

Then you have come to the right place!

The Climate Agreement (Klimatavtalet) in Helsingborg is a platform for all actors such as companies, associations, residents and the city, who want to work for a more sustainable future. We can all do something, big or small, to reduce our climate impact.

Deciding what actions or changes in everyday life is the first step. Here you will find tips and support to take you forward in your climate work, whether you are a company, association or resident – child or adult.

We inspire each other and learn from each other.

Why Climate Agreements in Helsingborg?

The goal is zero greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change has already caused sea levels to rise, rainfall to change and more extreme weather events on Earth. To avoid the most catastrophic climate impacts on the planet in the long term, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly and significantly. The IPCC, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has concluded that this means halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2010 levels. Only then can global warming be slowed to an average temperature below two degrees. Sweden has accepted the challenge and signed the Paris Agreement. In Helsingborg we have our local Paris Agreement, the Helsingborg Climate Agreement.

An ambitious climate and energy plan

The City of Helsingborg has an ambitious climate and energy plan that states that net greenhouse gas emissions in Helsingborg should be zero by 2030. This means that greenhouse gas emissions from activities and operations within the municipality’s geographical area should be zero by 2030. To have no emissions at all is very difficult. But by capturing and storing carbon dioxide in the ground or by planting trees, Helsingborg can compensate for the few emissions that will always exist and reach the zero level. Read more about the city’s climate and energy plan at

In Climate view you can get an overview of planned transition and remaining emissions in Helsingborg. You can also read more about the city’s commitments under the Climate and Energy Plan.

Named Sweden’s best environmental municipality

The city is one of the EU’s 100 climate-smart cities, read more at and one of 23 cities in Sweden that, together with Viable Cities and four government agencies, are working towards climate-neutral and sustainable cities. Helsingborg has also been named Sweden’s best environmental municipality five times. But there is a lot more that the City of Helsingborg can do as a municipality, and if we are to achieve the goal in the Climate and Energy Plan, we all need to work together. The Helsingborg Climate Agreement is part of that cooperation.